Actual position: long term rentals
Long term rentals

This offer is hiring aimed at companies, institutions and individual persons who would rent a car fot more than 31 days

When You will use our full servece fleet management You will not have to care about:

- Communication damage (crashes etc.)
- Vehicles service
- Change tires winter / summer

Next positive factors, which should incline in favor of state long-term rental:

- You must not involve Your personal money e.g. first payments
- No costs with vehicles insurance.
- There is no payments and no losing Your time for car service,
- Another big plus is the speed of handling the formal, there is no need to provide financial documents and from the U.S. and Social Security. You do not have to wait for decisions taken by a staff of professionals, we accepted the offer after the cars may be available from the hand:) and this will allow for the rapid expansion of the fleet,
- Assistance is working 24 hours a day as well as replacement cars are available, whenever necessary,
- Control costs, simplify their accounting to deduct 22% VAT payment always takes place on the basis of invoices issued once a month in composition, which includes:

1. Fixed monthly costs associated with the using.
2. The cost of operating, fuel, car wash, lotions.

This is possible with individual fuel cards.

I cordially invite You to cooperate!

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