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Baloon flight

DaCar company can arrange for You an amazing event - the baloon flight.

All participants did not forget the Events for a long time.
flights take place in Warsaw and picturesque surroundings (around Legionowo, Serock and wherever You would!)

This is a great way to make beter Your corporate events, marriage, anniversaries, etc.

The shell balloon can put your company logo or otherwise selected by the Member inscription.

There are two types of flights:

1 Free Flight (only in the vicinity of Warsaw) - This is a passage from A to point B, of course, the route depends on the wind direction and other factors. Typically, such a flight lasts an hour, at the request may take longer.

PRICES: 1'st hour 1,600zł, each next 1,400zł

2 Tethered flight - is the erection balloon together with the participants in events for a certain amount of downloading and using ropes. This is addresed for more people in that short time they wish to survive something incredible.

PRICES: 1'st hour 1,750zł, each next 1,550zł

This flight is also possible in Warsaw, it obviously the relevant authorizations (apewniamy transport all equipment - FREE !).

We invite all interested parties to contact us with any flight be treated individually. There is the opportunity to negotiate rates with larger orders.
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